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Use of flax in friction linings. Subproject 1: development and testing of methods for chemical and thermal pretreatment of flax fibres usable in brake and clutch linings Final report

Einsatz von Flachs in Reibbelaegen. Teilprojekt 1: Entwicklung und Erprobung von Verfahren zur chemischen und thermischen Vorbebandlung von Flachsfasern fuer den Einsatz in Brems- und Kupplungsbelaegen Abschlussbericht
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Hensel, K.H. ; Drach, V. von ;
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Ecco Gleittechnik GmbH, Seeshaupt (Germany) ;
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German ;
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Several methods for chemical and thermal treatment of flax fibres are developed: dry, wet, thermal, and oxidation process. The appropriate techniques are established. Scaling up to production size is possible, and is being realized in 2 cases. The aim was to produce technical fibres of constant quality and to modify yarns starting from flax raw material. Application is planned as reinforcement and process fibres in pressed disk and drum brake linings as well as in pressed and coiled clutch facings for cars, trucks, rail vehicles, and industrial devices. During the project pilot plants were designed and built for the a.m. processes. These were used to produce series of differently modified flax short fibres and yarns which were delivered to the project partners. Based on the requirements and the feed-back of the manufacturers and on accompanying laboratory research pilot plants and techniques have been optimized. Several fibre types from the SETRALIT "t"r"a"d"e"m"a"r"k FT, FNT, and FG series are technically, ecologically, and economically advantageous when used in friction linings as a substitute for asbestos and synthetic fibres. Mixtures of SETRALIT with aramides may be used, too. Use of standard friction linings containing flax fibres in the automative and other industries can be expected in the medium term. The SETRALIT procedures can be applied on all plant fibres like hemp, sisal etc., and are suitable for manufacturing technical short fibres used in other industrial sectors (e.g. construction materials, plastics, gaskets). (orig.) ;
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26 p. ;
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11E - Fibres, textiles ;
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I - Miscellaneous ;
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BMFT 0319442A ;
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DE ; DE_ 1995:3992 ;
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Bundesministerium fuer Forschung und Technologie (BMFT), Bonn (Germany) ;
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