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Knowledge Generation in the Field of Grey Literature: A Review of Conference-Based Research Results

Authors :
Farace, Dominic J. (GreyNet) ; Frantzen, Jerry (GreyNet) ; Schöpfel, Joachim (INIST-CNRS) ; Stock, Christiane (INIST-CNRS) ;
Corporate author :
GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service ;
Conference :
GL8, New Orleans (LA, US), 2006-12-04 ;
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English ;
Abstract :
Perhaps the most cost effective research carried out in information science today is in the field of grey literature. The published proceedings in the GL-Conference Series provide a record of impressive research results in this field of information. These results are based on various and diverse approaches and methodologies, whereby citation data, survey data, systems data, bibliographic and metadata, as well as other evidence based variables and indicators are compiled, processed, and analysed. Notwithstanding the fact that knowledge generation is an important measure of wealth in science and technology, the costs in human and material resources appropriated from research budgets must also weigh-in to determine real effectiveness. Only in this way can our initial rhetoric be transformed into a working hypothesis. This research project, which lies within the structure of the GL-Conference Series, seeks to analyse not only the benefits of research on grey literature but also the costs related to carrying-out and publishing research results. In order to gather evidence-based data, a Project Information Document (PID) Form similar to others that are in place and use elsewhere has been designed to accommodate GL research. The PID-Form will be distributed to those authors/researchers, who respond to the GL8 Call for Papers, as well as to authors/researchers from last year's conference in this series. Results gathered from these research resumes are expected to provide answers to relevant questions such as the percentage of research on the topic of grey literature that is formally funded, the ratio of ad hoc research, the ratio of individual to team research, average research costs and expenses, the duration of research projects, etc. This evidence-based data will then enable us to grasp the cost effectiveness of research on grey literature and compare results with other fields in information studies. In so doing, the results of this study will demonstrate the power of grey literature to other information professionals as well as policy and decision makers, funding bodies and new investors. Furthermore, our results may be seen as indicative for other S and T conferences based on a call-for-papers. ;
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8 p. ;
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05B - Information science, librarianship ;
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Conference based research ; Knowledge generation ; PID ; GL Conference Series ; GreyNet ;
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K - Conference ;  (Conference preprint)
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Conference Program and Abstracts : GL-conference series, ISSN 1385-2308 ; No. 8
Later version :
  • Conference Proceedings on Grey Literature : GL-conference series, ISSN 1386-2316 ; No. 8 (Printed/Bound)
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Eighth International Conference on Grey Literature : Harnessing the Power of Grey, 4-5 December 2006 (Conference CD-ROM) ;
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Includes: Abstract and Biographical notes, Pratt student commentary ;
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Amsterdam : TextRelease, 2007
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