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Citation Analysis and Grey Literature: Stakeholders in the Grey Circuit

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Schöpfel, Joachim (INIST-CNRS) ; Stock, Christiane (INIST-CNRS) ; Farace, Dominic J. (GreyNet) ; Frantzen, Jerry (Boer&Croon) ;
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GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service ;
Conference :
GL6, New York (NY, US), 2004-12-06 ;
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English ;
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The goal of this research project is to learn more about the expanding field of information known as "grey literature". Citation analysis allows one the possibility to follow the work of the authors in the GL-Conference series, as well as authors whom they have cited both in grey and commercial publishing. A further goal of this paper is to examine the value of the GLConference Proceedings for research in the field of grey literature by examining among other things, its impact on the work of contributing authors. This study was sparked by a general interest in citation analysis as an instrument used in various sciences including information science. And, in particular by a paper presented at GL5 in which grey literature as a main channel for publication by an International Marine Scientific Advisory Body was investigated. (MacDonald [et al.], 2004). The stakeholders in this study are not first and foremost the authors who produce a document type, which falls within the category of grey literature. Instead this study is directed to those authors who focus their research and writing on the topic of grey literature, these could be referred to as the meta-authors on grey literature. They have entered the field of information studies and focused on a particular area, they entered in small numbers and in the past decade they have become contending stakeholders. In the first five volumes of the GL Conference Proceedings a total of 139 conference papers were published, 30 of which did not contain references. Bibliographic data shows that 152 authors/co-authors, which is a full sample, were responsible for the content of these papers. 108 are 1st authors, 78 of whom are sole authors. 30 of the authors (>20%) have published more than once in the conference series and of who 6 (>.05%) have published three or more times in this series. It is important that those authors who published within the series are also published outside the series – indicating that their clout extends beyond the grey circuit. In this way, their sphere of influence covers their entire work and reflects well on the conference series as a whole. The direction until now has been grey to commercially published e.g. a conference paper is later published as a journal article; however, with the advent of OAI, Open Archive Initiative, this direction could now even allow for reversal. ;
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15 p. ;
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05B - Information science, librarianship ;
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Citation Analysis ; Literature Review ; Data Analysis ; GL Conference Series ;
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K - Conference ;  (Conference preprint)
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Conference Program and Abstracts : GL-conference series, ISSN 1385-2308 ; No. 6
Later version :
  • Conference Proceedings on Grey Literature : GL-conference series, ISSN 1386-2316 ; No. 6 (Printed/Bound)
  • The Grey Journal (TGJ): An international journal on grey literature, ISSN 1574-1796, volume 1 (2005), number 1
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Sixth International Conference on Grey Literature : Work on Grey in Progress, 6-7 December 2004 (Conference CD-ROM) ;
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Includes: Conference preprint, Powerpoint presentation, Abstract and Biographical notes, Pratt student commentary ;
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Amsterdam : TextRelease, 2005
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