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OpenSIGLE, Home to GreyNet's Research Community and its Grey Literature Collections: Initial Results and a Project Proposal

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Farace, Dominic (GreyNet) ; Frantzen, Jerry (GreyNet) ; Stock, Christiane (INIST-CNRS) ; Henrot, Nathalie (INIST-CNRS) ; Schöpfel, Joachim (University of Lille 3) ;
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GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service ;
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GL10, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 2008-12-8 ;
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English ;
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For the past 15 years, GreyNet has sought to serve researchers and authors in the field of grey literature. To further this end, GreyNet has signed on to the OpenSIGLE repository and in so doing seeks to preserve and make openly available research results originating in the International Conference Series on Grey Literature. GreyNet together with colleagues at INIST-CNRS have designed the format for a metadata record, which encompasses standardized PDF attachments of the authors conference preprints, PowerPoint presentations, abstracts and biographical notes. In April 2008, the first test batch containing records from the Eighth International Conference on Grey Literature (GL8, 2006) was uploaded. A few minor problems that were encountered have since been successfully resolved; and, these metadata records and corresponding attachments are now available for search and retrieval in OpenSIGLE. Subsequent record entries will follow continuing with GL7 (2005) down to GL6 (2004) and GL5 (2003). By December 2008, conference records over the past five years including those from GL9 (2007) will be available in OpenSIGLE. For this phase of the project, a budget of 2000 Euro was appropriated to cover the costs of formatting, conversion, and technical editing of the 100 plus records. Records from the earlier four conferences in the GL Series (1993-1999) will require additional image scanning as well as permission from Emerald (the former MCB University Press). Should this be granted not only would the total number of GreyNet records in OpenSIGLE be doubled but GreyNet s collection would then be comprehensive. Project Proposal: If OpenSIGLE is indeed the best home for GreyNet, then some measure of empirical results should be able to confirm it. Results that would demonstrate benefits for both the GreyNet Collection as well as OpenSIGLE. For it is here, where the crossroads of more than 25 years of bibliographic information on grey literature intersects with 15 years of research on grey literature. The analysis of usage statistics and local metrics can draw on the standards and definitions of the COUNTER project for journals and databases but must take into account that little has been published so far on usage statistics of documents deposited in open archives, that standards, recommendations and empirical evidence are still missing, and that the software for the export of statistics need to be improved. Approach, methodology and preliminary usage data will be presented at the GL10 conference, with special attention to comparative data especially from INIST and GreyNet websites, and to the potential and real impact of PR campaign and referencing on usage. We invite other GL authorities to join our development team in order to enhance the research on usage and users of GreyNet's Collection in OpenSIGLE (data collection, metrics etc.). This may also include the evaluation of the role and impact of OpenSIGLE and GreyNet's Collection on the development and functioning of the international GreyNet community and the creation of community-related tools and functionality (web 2.0). If GreyNet is to factor into the design of the 'Grey Grid' for information society, then not only it's place in serving researchers and educators in the field of grey literature must be re/evaluated but also it s place in serving practitioners in the field. Such a study would help to bring this home. ;
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8 p. ;
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05B - Information science, librarianship ;
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SIGLE ; OpenSIGLE ; Resource Migration ; EAGLE ; INIST ; GreyNet ;
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K - Conference ;  (Conference preprint)
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Conference Program and Abstracts : GL-conference series, ISSN 1385-2308 ; No. 10
Later version :
  • Conference Proceedings on Grey Literature : GL-conference series, ISSN 1386-2316 ; No. 10 (Printed/Bound)
  • The Grey Journal (TGJ): An international journal on grey literature, ISSN 1574-1796, volume 5 (2009), number 1
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Tenth International Conference on Grey Literature : Designing the Grey Grid for Information Society, 8-9 December 2008 (Conference CD-ROM) ;
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Includes: Conference preprint, Powerpoint presentation, Abstract and Biographical notes, Pratt student commentary ;
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Amsterdam : TextRelease, 2009
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